5 years of work of the National Preventive Mechanism

Client: The Human Rights Information Centre

Category: Reports

Date: October-November 2017

Assignment: Create a booklet that corresponds to the colours and style of the logo and other visual materials of the National Preventive Mechanism.

The booklet presents results of the efforts of the Mechanism during 5 years in the field of observance of the human rights. Activities of such institutions are very important for us, so we modelled graphics that would lead to sincere emotions, create all the necessary guidelines and associations for readers in the data itself and remain moderate in order not to steal the focus, yet harmoniously support information. As the target audience was very wide and diverse, we crafted the graphic that would be understandable and delightful for people of different age groups. For the practical convenience and originality of the final product, we made a decision of making a square, not very common format of the booklet.