Annual report Transperency International Ukraine 2016

Client: Transparency International Україна

Category: Reports

Date: January-February 2017

Assignment: Staying within the corporate style, clearly and to the fullest visualize successful moments and challenges of the organization during 2016 and its plans for the future.

The main highlight of the report was focusing on the team. We faced the challenge of putting together a large number of photos from different actions and events, as well as the staff in their entirety, but in an organic and stylish way. In addition, there were many changes, initiatives and successes in the organization during the year, and it was necessary to show all of those in the project. We structured the report in such a way that readers could easily navigate in sections, memorize the quotes of the team members, key decisions or achievements were highlighted, campaigns and bright projects were fully presented. Style and colour range match the corporate requirements and are used to enhance key messages and accents.