Contest for IT projects on e-democracy

Client: EGAP Challenge

Category: Complex project

Date: November 2016

Assignment: Renew last year’s design of the materials for launching the new contest, remaining within identity of the contest and the logic of the presentation of information. Design materials for the conference (banner, notebook, brandwall, brochure, poster), as well as illustrated messages for social networks.

We had to find the “golden middle” in the visual presentation between the previous year’s identity and site’s style of the current year. Colours of the permanent logo of the project, specialization of the competition in general were taken as a base and guiding. We reviewed all the materials, processes, stages of the competition for correct understanding of the emphasis and priority information for every type of the layout. Each layout has common project’s elements, as well as diversity in the presentation of materials or the graphic elements themselves for audience’s comfortable perception and yet pleasurable variety.