Corruption Perception Index 2016

Client: Transparency International Україна

Category: Infographics

Date: November-December 2017

Asssignment: Design an A4 format infographics that efficiently shows Ukraine’s place in the overall ranking, as well as the tendencies of other countries.

Corruption Perception Index rating is the result of a detailed and thorough study of countries by the global anti-corruption organization Transparency International. This rating contains information regarding 176 countries and even simple listing of this amount of counties would not allow us to remain in the chosen A4 format, so the task made us work hard to find a better solution. We came to the decision of sequential placing of 176 points in a horizontal line, where each point corresponds to one country and shows the change of the position of a country in relation to the previous year. Such presentation of data also makes it easier to see the general tendencies of variations in the rating. Countries similar to Ukraine, neighbours and extreme positions in rating are additionally marked with text.