I can export Step-by-step export guide for ukrainian small and medium enterprises

Client: CUTIS – Canada-Ukraine-Trade

Category: Reports

Date: August-September 2017

Assignment: Create a style and visualize key messages of a booklet for efficient usage.

During the design process of the manual, we relied on the style of CUTIS project with Canadian elements and motives. A large amount of text and tables complicated the reading, so we intensified the visualization of charts, graphs and data tables and also decided to illustrate each section and some messages of topics to a greater extent – thus, it became possible to “unload” the text and make it not only more engaging during the reading, but also more accessible in the sense of understanding. At the same time, the light linear style of illustrations does not distract all of the attention from important text information. In electronic version of the manual, all references and footnotes are active and allow navigation either between pages or the external sites.