City of no freedom: the map of custodial facilities in Kyiv

Client: The Human Rights Information Centre

Category: Infographics

Date: April 2017

Assignment: Design an infographics in the form of a map, staying within the corporate style. The map should fold like a usual tourist’ map.


The map was imagined as the finalization of data within the project on monitoring the state of custodial facilities in Kyiv. There was a multitude of objects for placing on the map. The layout had to be standard in size for easy printing and usage, so we had to let go the absolute geographic precision. Main task was to show the number of institutions and the division into departments they belong to. For the reverse side of a map, a set of photos was collected, that had been taken during monitoring visits to the institutions. The amount to chose from was not large though and a big part of photos was of rather poor technical quality, so, for the stylistic unity of the page, we decided to apply the toning. Additional information is added to photos so that the audience could match details of the facilities on both sides of the map. We didn’t forget about the layout architecture either – all the parts are representing the data correctly, no matter how fully the map is folded physically.