ProZorro How a dream became a reality

Client: Transparency International Україна

Category: Reports

Date: October-November 2016

Assignment: Compile information into a booklet for printing.

We simply could not present information on the history of birth and implementation of one of the key reforms in Ukraine in a laconic manner. Therefore, we proposed our vision with a detailed visualization of the path, drawn explanations of the stages of development, principles of work, distribution of budgets etc. All data was divided into sections and subsections. Each paragraph of the text was arranged for the best planning of the space of each page – because the content should be even and logical, as well as ergonomic for printing at the final stage. Colours were chosen for perfect harmony with the logo of the project, a pleasant but sufficient contrast for the “freshness” of perception by the audience. Geometric motives of logo served as the source of inspiration in the means of using them as an element of decor and geometrical logic of other items of composition – this can be seen in the structure of the pages and in the style of charts and diagrams.