Female and male in the vacancies on internet portals

Client: Freedom House Україна

Category: Infographics

Date: June 2017

Assignment: Summarize a detailed study and visualize the results in an A4 format infographics.

Extensive and thorough study was provided for analytics and design, so we inquired all the data, highlighted the main tendencies, focused the information. Since criterias and indicators were of a very applied character and their understanding would be useful for a wide audience, we tried to compile as many conclusions as possible. Important details were presented in an associative way for the additional ease of perception of the information – services with recognizable logos, division by gender enhanced by customary colours for each gender, illustrated spheres for comfortable comparison. An additional colour for the background is chosen with a positive subliminal impression for the majority, so that this detail puts an emphasis on the general situation that needs to be improved, yet is not critically bad.