The brochure was designed for the Canada-Ukraine Trade and Investment Support Project (CUTIS) (
CUTIS (Canada-Ukraine Trade and Investment Support Project) is a 5 year (2016-2021) initiative of the Canadian Government. It aims at lowering poverty in Ukraine through increasing exports from Ukraine to Canada and investment from Canada to Ukraine. CUTIS supports small and medium-sized businesses. The project also includes active educational and advisory work with businesses on the peculiarities of trade with Canada.
 This manual is designed to guide Ukrainian exporters in basics of entering the Canadian market. A positive aspect of the manual is its structural content that does not just present a general study in the field of trade with Canada, but also focuses specifically on Ukrainian exporters, providing concrete steps to facilitate their entry into the international market.
 Our task was both to organize the structure of the manual, and create its elaborate design. There was a need to reduce the seriousness of the presentation to facilitate perception of a huge amount of data, such as general facts about Canada and the Canadians, research on trade in Canada, experiences of successful Ukrainian traders, as well as questions for reflection and advice to entrepreneurs.